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Revision history

Name Date Reason For Changes Version
Arno Klein
2019-10-18 :books: :construction: replace “user” with “informant” in context of user role
:handshake: combine active subject user role and informant user role into informant role
:fire: drop passive subject documentation
:construction: v1.0 draft
Mike Milham
Lindsay Alexander
Mike Xiao
2019-10-08 :hammer: nail down identification and privacy requirements v1.0
Jon Clucas 2019-10-08 :tractor: begin converting from nested files to flat page :construction: v1.0 draft




Child / Informant

  • Responds to activities about self
  • Can see own data

Parent / Informant

  • Responds to activities about child(ren)
  • Can see own data


  • Sets up applet
  • Invites managers, coordinators, reviewers, informants
  • No data access unless also informant and/or reviewer


  • Invites informants
  • No data access unless also informant and/or reviewer
  • Cannot invite managers or reviewers unless also a manager


  • Can access deidentified data

User Identification

  • Per informant (child and parent), a manager or coordinator assigns:
    1. A custom ID for data reporting
    2. Manager invites informants to appropriate user groups
  • Manager/coordinator defines relevant relationships between informants, (eg, “Parent is parent of Child”). MindLogger automatically populates appropriate fields as defined in initial applet set-up.

  • In the app, informants see names from profiles:
    • informant’s own name
    • names of subjects about whom informant can report
    • names of managers who can see / assign / update access & personal information
    • names of reviewers who can see / download deidentified data
  • informants set their own names, usernames, passwords.

  • Data reviewers and downloaders see only custom IDs as identification.


"bio:father": "The biological father of a person, also known as the genitor."
"bio:mother": "The biological mother of a person, also known as the genetrix."
"rel:parentOf": "A person who has given birth to or nurtured and raised this person."


bio: "http://vocab.org/bio/#"
rel: "http://vocab.org/relationship/#"

User journeys

New user

All new users will be set up by & with a manager or coordinator. The informant will choose their own username and password.


user journey flow for informant


user journey flow for manager


user journey flow for coordinator


user journey flow for reviewer


Editor role not planned for v1.0. See MindLogger wysiwyg editor panel. MindLogger is intended to use ReproLib-encoded documents, regardless of how those documents are authored.